Welcome to the Groovy world of Lord Shiva

Banaras (Varanasi/Kashi) is the mosaic of Indian culture with respect to representing thePanorama2 diversity and the distinctiveness of the regional cultures of India through superimposition in the passage of time. People from all parts of India, speaking different languages and dialects and carrying their own traits, taboos and traditional have settled in this city. Ultimately they accepted Vishvanath Shiva as their main deity. In Banaras alone, there are over 3600 Hindu shrines and temles, 1388 Muslim shrines and mosques, 42 Sikh temples, 12 churches, 3 Jain temples, 9 Buddhist temples and several other sacred sites and places. it is said ‘by seeing Varanasi, one can see as much of life as the whole India can show’; but it is not easy to comprehend for those who stand outside the Hindu tradition. The stories of Ganga would change, but the motherly river lives on. The 6.5 KMs long riverfront of river Ganga in Varanasi, possesses a unique history, specific vision of magnificent architectural row of lofty buildings and holy sites.

In a way, the city of Banaras is perceived as an intellectual laboratory¬†of humanity where any aspects of life, from past to future, tradition to modernity, chaos to order, realization to revelation, perspectives to prospects, illusion to vision, death to life, displacement to settlement…and so on,… can easily be seen, envisioned, portrayed, purveyed, and also presented a model frame for step forward in understand and co-sharing by making bridge between locality and universality, and also between humanity and divinity.

The merit of Varanasi lies in the fact that there is so much for every need and every mood, that there can be no one who returns from here less than inspired. We, Groovy tours, has specialized division to cater to the needs of all types of travelers; whether it is a guest looking for safety and security of escorted group tours, or someone seeking exclusive customized tour package, business traveler, a pilgrim or someone just looking to walk in the hidden alleys of one of the oldest living cities on the planet.