Full Day Yatra

One Day Kashi Yatra

One day Kashi Yatra is an ideal choice for people wanting to experience Varanasi in a short period of time. It is designed in such a way that it covers most of the activities a pilgrim would like to do such as dawn and dusk boat rides, ancient temples, traditional Banaras activities and walk in the old city. We have designed this tour following some teachings of Kashi Khand of Skand Puran and some interesting activities of the city. Please write us for detailed itinerary.

Cost of the tour- Rs. 7,000 for one person + 1000 extra per extra person
Tour departure location- Entrance of Hotel Haifa near Assi ghat. If you will be staying by the river then your guide can meet you at the nearest ghat but if you will be staying somewhere away from the river or in the cantonments then either you will have to reach the tour departure location or we can organize hotel pickup for some additional fee for local transport.


Two Days Kashi Yatra

Two days Kashi Yatra is much broader than one day yatra. The itinerary follows the Kashi yatra mentioned in the Kashi Khand of Skand Purana. Skand Purana says that Kashi is divided into three sacred areas- Omkareshwar Khand, Visheshwar Khand and Kedar Khand and this yatra will take you to all the important temples and shrines of all of the three khands. Other than important temples this yatra also includes visit to Sarnath (the place where Buddhism was introduced to the world) and Ramnagar fort (the present residence of Maharaha of Banaras. Please ask for detailed itinerary.

Cost of the tour – Rs. 14000 for one person + 2000 extra per extra person + either 2500 or 3000 for full day taxi on the second day of the Yatra. The cost of the taxi depends on the number of guests for the yatra.
Tour departure location- Remains same as the first day of the tour.