One Day Tour

We offer two different Classic Varanasi tours which are basically one day and two days tours. Our Classic Varanasi tour is designed for regular tourists who come to the city for a few days but want to get a  good sense of the city in a short period of time.

One-Day Classic Varanasi Tour

morningOne day Classic Varanasi tour is an ideal choice for people wanting to experience Varanasi in a short period of time. It is designed in such a way that it covers most of the touristic and non-touristic (our specialty) activities Varanasi has to offer including dawn and dusk boat rides, temple and ashram visits and a walk through the oldest part of Varanasi to explore hidden temples, mosques, bazaars, old buildings, people etc. Please ask for detailed itinerary.

Price of the tour : Rs. 7000 (for one person, extra persons will be charged @ Rs. 1000 per extra person) . The cost includes all the boat charges and monument and museum entry fee at Sarnath.

If you wish to do Sarnath instead of the walking tour then you will have to take care of the transportation as well. It costs around 2500 to hire a decent and clean taxi on full day disposal and around 1500 for Sarnath and back to the city. Ask us to organize it for you.

Schedule: This tour starts with sunrise boat ride and finishes after the evening boat ride with break for breakfast and lunch.


Two-days Classic Banaras Tour

Two-day tour includes all the activities present in the one day tour, besides that on the second day we focus on some outskirts attractions like Sarnath, Ramnagar Palace and Rural Varanasi.

Sarnath is located 13 Kms north-east of Varanasi and is the place where Buddha delivered his first sermon. There are three main touristic attractions- the archaeological ruins site with the main stupa, art and archaeology museum that hosts all of the belongs coming from the excavation of the archaeological site and a Buddhist temple famous for its wall paints describing all of the important activities of Buddha’s life and it also hosts third generation of the same Bodhi tree under which Buddha achieved enlightenment. Ramnagar is situated on the other side of the river around 10 Kms from the old city and hosts the 17th century Ramnagar fort with Mughal style of architecture with carved balconies, open courtyards, and picturesque pavilions and is still the residence of King of Varanasi. Ramnagar fort has a museum well known for its unusual and rare collections of American vintage cars, bejeweled sedan chairs, ivory work, medieval costumes, gold and silver brocaded royal Palanquins, elephant saddles carved out of silver, jewellery, costumes made of kimkhwa silk (finest product of the weavers of Varanasi), an impressive armory hall with swords, old guns from Africa, Burma and Japan and a rare astronomical clock.
The third attraction of the tour today is Rural Varanasi tour which will cover a visit to a village called Mehdignaj. Situated at 20 Kms from the city, the village is an excellent place to see how 60% of Indian population still lives. The village used to be famous for its weaving but just like any other place in Varanasi this village has also been suffering with serious slowdown of business but still most of the houses has hand weaving looms which you can visit and see how people are working hard to keep this ancient beautiful art alive. Mehdiganj has been in the news for past 15 years because of its fight against Coke. The village has been facing serious environmental problems caused by Coke. If you have any interest then we can introduce you to the local social activists working on this issue. We will also be walking in the village to visit different family houses, schools, local community center etc. Please ask for detailed itinerary.

This tour is two full days. Definitely you will have free time to relax and enjoy your meals!

Price of the tour : Rs. 14,000 (for a group of maximum of 2 people extra persons will be charged @ Rs. 1000 per extra person) . The cost includes all the boat charges and monument and museum entry fee at Sarnath. 

We will need a transport to visit Sarnath and other places in the city on the second day of the tour which has to be taken cared by you. It costs around 2500 to hire a decent and clean taxi on full day disposal. Ask us to organize it for you.

Please contact us for detailed itinerary!