Rural Varanasi

You must have visited Indian cities and towns but have you ever thought of visiting an Indian village where still 60% of the population lives? If not, then Groovy Tours gives an opportunity of visiting a village and experiencing a completely different culture and environment. Away from the busy traffic, pollution and cement buildings, Indian villages are still green, calm, quiet, traditional and otherwise the total opposite of the cities.

We have chosen a village called Mehdiganj, about 20 Kms from the city, as our Rural Banaras destination. We have chosen this particular destination because of its contribution in Banaras culture and economy for long time. Mehdiganj used to be one of the biggest hand loom saree production areas in whole of Varanasi. There are still so many hand looms where sarees and other Indian dress materials are made in made in traditional way.

Mehdiganj has hit the news on the international level because of a controversial plant of Coca-Cola. The village has been seriously affected by the pollution done by Coke. We will take you to a local organization fighting against Coca-Cola since 2001 which gives you an opportunity to learn about this issue and get to understand the threats to the global environment. Apart from the organization visit, we will take you to the local schools, agricultural fields and some family houses so that you can understand where and how real India lives.

Time spent on the tour- about 5 hours. Best time to start the tour is either 6 am in the summers and 2 pm in the winters.